The material on this page is from Air Force Handbook 1, dated 1 Oct 2015. Paragraphs 1.2. - 1.8. are not testable this cycle but are listed here for reference. Study paragraphs 1.9. - 1.21. for promotion to all grades.

Para 1.9. Airpower in World War II: The European Theater

Para 1.10. The Tuskegee Airmen

Para 1.11. Air War in the Pacific

Para 1.12. Air Force Independence and the Cold War

Para 1.13. Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)

Para 1.14. Vietnam, 1961-1973

Para 1.15. The Post-Vietnam Era and the End of the Cold War

Para 1.16. Desert Storm (The Air Campaign Against Iraq, 1990-1991)

Para 1.17. Operations Provide Relief, Impressive Lift, and Restore Hope-Somalia (1992-1994)

Para 1.18. Operation Allied Force

Para 1.19. Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom (GWOT)

Para 1.20. Historical Perspective Conclusion

Para 1.21. Airman Exemplars

Chapter 1, Air Force Heritage - Summary Test