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Air Force Handbook 1, The Airman Handbook

Name: Steve
Location: N/A
Comments: I just wanted to reach out and say thanks again for great preparation tools and practice exams. You have once again saved the day with just how thoroughly you cover the material. Just found out I was selected for CMSgt using these practice exams and pulled off a score in the upper 80s, just as I was able to do for my last promotion.

Name: (T)Sgt Willis
Location: N/A
Comments: I wanted to give y'all a big thank you! I made TSgt this year by 48 points! I went from scoring a 60 to an 80 on PFE! I would recommend Free PDG to anyone looking to make rank. I will be returning when I go up for MSgt.
17E6 Line #2595

Name: Julius Lett
Location: Altus AFB
Comments: Just wanted to say thank you for this great, affordable tool to success! Scored the highest score of my entire career on the PFE (93) and made SMSgt on my first test w/o being stratified. This site is amazing.

Name: (T)Sgt Leon Spence
Location: Nellis AFB
Comments: I just wanted to give my utmost thanks to the developers of this site. I scored an 82 on my PFE after only scoring a 60 the test prior (22 point increase!). I have used other pricier study aids in the past but this one works for me and produces results!

Name: Kevin R. Williams
Location: Schriever AFB
Comments: I used to study for TSgt. As it was my first time testing for Tech and keeping in mind that I only pulled a Promote (despite my heavy disagreement) on my latest EPR, I wasn't too confident of the results. However, with a committed study habit of at least 2 hours a day combined with review of my AFSC's CDC material and a competitive product, I was able to score a 91% on my PFE and a 76% on my SKT. I highly recommend this product to anyone testing.

Name: Amanda Gray
Location: Buckley AFB
Comments: I used to test for TSgt and scored an 82% on my PFE test, scoring higher than 89% of those I tested against! Thanks!

Name: SrA Austin Coleman
Location: Keesler AFB
Comments: This was my second time testing for E5 but my first time using Free PDG. I improved my PFE score from last year by almost 20 points and promoted!!! I highly recommend Free PDG for anyone testing for any grade.

Name: (T)Sgt Mitchell
Location: Davis Monthan AFB
Comments: I used this site to make both staff and tech my first times. When I used the site to make staff I scored a 75 on PFE. I used this site this year and I scored 87 on PFE. I can honestly say this is the only way I will ever study for promotion...I think this site gives the right information and enough information. Its almost like the people from this site make the test questions. I love this site.

Name: Alex Manco
Location: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Comments: Just wanted to say Thank you. Made Tech this year by 22 points! I scored a 90 PDG. The way the site is designed helped me greatly to study. Thanks again.

Name: Jerry
Location: Scott AFB
Comments: freepdg helped me make TSgt!!! i used this for the first time and improved my PFE score from 53 to 81 by using this site. I will definitely be coming back when i test for MSgt. Thank you so much for all the time and effort, please keep it going.

Name: Cass Vaughn
Location: Wright-Patterson AFB
Comments: As an instructor I would like to say that the way you have your studying set up is called the "chunking method." This is the most effective method of studying that has made me successful as well as many of my co-workers. Your site blows the PDG gold out of the water... Made TSgt using you and will make MSgt using you. Thanks!!!!!!

(S)Sgt Zieske
Location: Holloman Air Force Base
Comments: Found out I made Staff by 20 points first time testing, scored 82 on PDG! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Name: SSgt Ashley Long
Location: SHAW AFB
Comments: A BIG THANK YOU to the Free PDG team! Your material is spot on and has helped me tremendously with WAPS testing. I secured a line number for TSGT my second go round and surpassed the cutoff by 32 points. I recommend this site to all of my troops and peers, its a great way to study and test your knowledge of the material. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Name: SSgt Steve
Location: Merica
Comments: first time testing I used pdg gold, got 55. Increased knowledge from 55 to 74 with FreePDG. Increased results by 19 points. Will be using this site this year for my first time testing for TSgt.

Name: Charles
Location: Phoenix
Comments: I used this site last year as a reinforcement tool testing for SMSgt. With your help, I scored a 92 on my PDG. This is the highest I have ever scored. Although I missed being selected last year, I am back at it again. This years goal is a 96. Thank you for all your effort!

Name: SMSgt Dickinson
Location: Barksdale
Comments: Thanks freepdg!! Using your site I scored an 86% on the PFE and made SMSgt! You definitely made it a lot easier to digest all of the information. I will continue using the site.

Name: David
Location: Nellis AFB
Comments: I have no doubt helped me make SSgt my first time allowing me to score a 78 on the PFE! I will definitely use this site for future testing. Thank you so much FreePDG!

Name: (M)Sgt Marcus Hewett
Location: Travis AFB
Comments: I wanted to sincerely thank for their amazing product. This was the first year that I used the website and the results were spectacular. I studied intensely for one month, methodically going through each section of the book. On test day, although I was nervous like always, I was certainly prepared. I scored the highest I ever have in my career and my test coupled with my board score secured my line number. Again thank you and if anyone wants to score high on the PDG, this is the website for you.

Location: SPAIN
Comments: Thank you for the awesome website...helped me get promoted to E-7!

Name: (M)Sgt K
Location: Scott AFB
Comments: Thank you. I used your product primarily, and I made MSgt. It allowed me to fully comprehend the questions via the wording vs. other products on the market. I scored an 87 on my PDG!!! Thanks Again.

Name: SSgt N. Williams
Location: JBSA-Randolph
Comments: I just want to say that helped me tremendously!!! I scored the highest ever this cycle, 15E6, on PFE with an 82! Thus, securing my selection for TSgt w/ over 20 pts! I would recommend this site to anyone and everyone. I know when I was searching for a great, yet affordable, study guide I would read over the comments because that's where the truth is so I wanted to pass on my experience. Thanks!

Name: (T)Sgt Hicks
Location: Fairchild
Comments: Just wanted to thank this site for the study material! I made tech by 17 points. This site was more than helpful for my promotion and I've secured my retirement!!! Thank you!!

Name: Scott
Location: Eglin
Comments: I used this site to study almost entirely and scored and 85 on the PFE, finally made Tech. Thanks.

Name: Jay
Location: Germany
Comments: Even though I missed tech by 2 points, I thank because I scored a 78 on PFE just by studying your material. Cant wait for next year!

Name: Dan
Location: Utah
Comments: Free pdg was awesome! First time testing for staff and scored higher than 85% of my peers. Thanks freepdg!

Name: SSgt Joseph Cross
Location: Little Rock AFB
Comments: I used this site to study for Tech my second time testing and scored exceptionally well on the test, allowing me to make it! Thank you Free PDG!

Name: TSgt W.
Location: JBSA, TX
Comments: I'm a little late in doing this but thank you so much for providing a highly effective study forum. I was able to conquer the E-7 promotion test by scoring my highest score ever on the PFE. Without this site, I really don't know if my name would have been on that list. Please know that you are doing a great service for those looking to streamline their studying routine. Keep up the great work and I'll be back in a couple years when my first E-8 cycle comes around.

Name: Chad
Location: Moody AFB
Comments: This site was the best resource I used to prepare for the WAPS test. I improved my PDG score by almost 30 points just by routinely studying the information here. Even with a low membership cost, it is still a steal compared to the other expensive products out there. Thank you!!

Name: Matt Griffith
Location: Nellis AFB
Comments: This site helped me immensely for making TSgt this year. I found out you were going to charge for your service and I will definitely be supporting/using it when I start studying for MSgt. Thank you for all your hard work!

Name: SrA Alexander Turner
Location: Offutt AFB
Comments: I used this site for about 5 months prior to testing and ended up making SSgt the first time!

Location: Turkey
Comments: My first time testing during one of the lowest promotion years, I made Staff by 12 points! I definitely owe a lot of it to this website, made a huge difference. It was free when I used it, but I would most definitely pay to be a member if I had to test again.

Name: Josh
Location: Germany
Comments: Just found out that I made Staff. Thank you!

Name: SSgt(s) Colon
Location: Scott AFB
Comments: Thank you to this site I made it by 30pts this year..keep up the good work..

Name: Beverly
Location: California
Comments: I finally made Tech by 12 points! Thank you so much.

Name: (T)Sgt Stoked!
Location: Kirtland AFB
Comments: I have to say thanks to I was selected for Tech this year (2014) and this website consisted of about 98% of what I used to study. My career field had a promotion rate of 10.3% and I made the cutoff by 8 points on my third time testing. Thanks for making the process of studying so simple!! Forever grateful!!!!

Name: TSgt Hartnett
Location: JB MDL
Comments: This website allowed me to improve my test score by 25 points from last year and earn a selection for promotion to MSgt. That score was 9th out of 589 when compared to my peers in the crew chief world. While I used multiple study methods, I certainly couldn't have done it without this wonderful site. Thank you so much for all of the work that was put into this website. I will be back for the 2017 testing cycle and will gladly pay the membership fee.

Name: TSgt / E-6
Location: Hawaii
Comments: I used your site and it helped me score 15 points above the cut off, with a promotion rate of 11% for my field for MSgt/E-7. Thank you so much for this site, it was a life saver.

Name: (M) Sgt Populis
Location: Langley AFB, VA
Comments: I used this website for 2 months. Scored a 82% on my PFE. The best I have ever scored. Thank you so much!!

Name: Andrew Lomeli
Location: Wright Patterson AFB OH
Comments: With the easy to navigate construction of the site and all the resources available, I increased my PFE by 32 pts and made MSgt my 2nd time testing (14E7)!!! Thank you so much!

Name: MSgt Select!
Location: Scott AFB
Comments: Thanks again for the great info you provide! This site helped me make E7. Well worth the new $20 Fee. I raised my score 17pts!

Name: (T)Sgt Grateful
Location: Colorado
Comments: I used this site to help me study for TSgt this year. You helped me blow the test out of the sky! Lowest promotion rate in 30 years and you helped it happen. Thank you for such a great website. Will definitely use it in the future.

Name: MSgt Whitaker
Location: Eglin AFB FL
Comments: Even though I wasn't one of the 999 that made SMSgt this year I still improved my PFE score 26 points!!! Thanks for the hard work you put into this website!

Name: SrA Christopher Hill
Location: Offutt AFB
Comments: Studying FreePDG alone enabled me to score an outstanding 86 on my PFE my first time testing, ensuring that I made SSgt my first go-around! Thank you so much for providing this incredible study tool. V/R SrA Hill

Comments: My wife and I had our first child a couple months before testing and I was having difficulty finding time to study. I used this site alone for 2 weeks and made SSgt my first time testing! I appreciate the time and effort put into this site.
Name: (S)Sgt Steven Ryan
Location: Hurlburt Field

Name: SSgt Christopher Boitz
Location: Scott AFB
Comments: I used this site to study for Tech Sgt and I smoked the test! I scored the highest in my career field thanks to this site and using the PDG. Can't wait to sew on!

I used the site primarily as my study tool and made master! Scored a 75 on the PDG when the cutoffs were the highest in the last 30+ years. Thank you for your hard work and diligence. I will continue to study so when test time comes around again I will be ready! Rick B.

Location: Scott AFB, IL
Comments: Good Morning,
I just wanted to let you know that I used your 2011-2013 PDG website very heavily and I scored a 77 on my PDG Test. I made Staff the first time in the worst Staff Promotion year in over a decade.

Name: TSgt Williams
Comments: Just want to say that your website helped me make TSgt. I am still using it and I hope to make MSgt next year. I also refer it others and they love it. Thank you for your time and hard work.

Location: Scott AFB
Comments: Just wanted you to know that this site is so awesome!!! I used it for my last testing cycle and I made MSgt. Thank you so much for your time and effort, anytime I know of someone that is testing I refer them to this site. Keep up the great work and again thank you so much!!!!

Name: (T)Sgt Jackson
Location: Eglin AFB
Comments: I used this website to study for promotion...I normally score in the mid 70's...I blew the test out the water with a 92. Keep it up!!!

Name: (T)sgt Perkins
Location: Davis Monthan AFB
Comments: Thank you scored 71% on my PFE and made tech 13e6 15% promotion rate thanks to this program and the MKTS!!! I will be using this to make MSgt 1st time!!!

Name: (T)Sgt
Location: PACAF
Comments: This past cycle was my 5th time testing. I usually score between 50-60 on PDG. After using your site faithfully this year I scored an 80% on PDG. That's a 20 point increase from last cycle. I am absolutely stoked. Only nine people, yes 9 people in my career field were promoted and I was #2. I can't wait for the 2013 version to be released in Sept/Oct.

Name: Phil
Location: Edwards AFB
Comments: Your website is the only reason I made E-6 this year! My PFE score was 99% above eligibles! With a 15% selection this cycle I needed all the points I could get. Thank you!

Name: TSgt LY
Location: Moody AFB
Comments: I studied the free PDG here and scored an 84% on my WAPS, thank you!

Name: William Hall
Location: Hampton, VA
Comments: Great study reference. I relied on this and the PDG alone for the PDG part of this last MSgt rest cycle-and made it first time! You have a believer out of me and I've been preaching about you to my troops. Can't wait for your 2013 version.

Name: Nick
Location: RAF Lakenheath
Comments: Hello, Against higher odds for this years 18% promotion rate, I'm a new MSgt select (2nd time testing and ZERO decorations! so yeah anything is possible if you put your mind to it). I used this website to help me (along w/ actually reading the book twice) and taking notes. This website is a force multiplier for people to use to test their knowledge. See you in a few years when I'm studying for Senior. Thank you!

Name: Chris
Location: Mountain Home AFB, ID
Comments: Free PDG was very instrumental for my studying of the PDG. Typically, I would score in the high 40s and low 50s in the past. This year I scored a 68 and made MSgt. Thank you, great study tool for anyone testing for their next rank!

Name: (M)Sgt Select
Location: Mississippi
Comments: I made MSgt this year with a 18% promotion rate & I have your site to thank for it! I only used this website to study and it was time well spent. Thanks again!!

Name: Michelle
Location: Ft Meade
Comments: I finally made MSgt thanks to this website. I scored a 76 on PFE, 30pts higher than last year! Thank You!!!!!

Name: Vaughn
Location: Andrews
Comments: I made Master first time out! I LOVE this website because it made the PDG enjoyable for the first time ever. THANK YOU!

Name: TSgt Green
Location: Aviano AB
Comments: I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and effort to make this website very helpful and free to us military members. I recently made MSgt my second time this year and I only used this website. I referenced everything from the chapter quizzes to my PDG book and highlighted all the answers. I really couldn't thank you enough I was amazed at my PFE score. Thank you and God Bless.

Name: DC
Location: Montgomery, AL
Comments: First of all, thank you for offering such an excellent product for free. After using PDG Gold and disliking how the questions were worded, I started using this site primarily. As a result, I scored a 91 on my PFE and made MSgt this year. Thanks again for your awesome service!

Name: T.William
Location: MO
Comments: Found out I made MSgt! Thank you so much for this website, I used it for probably 95% of my studying and it paid off. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Name: Mike
Location: SC
Comments: I want to thank you. Although, I did not make MSgt this year, I brought my PDG score up by 14 points. I attribute all of that success to your awesome site.

Name: New MSgt
Location: San Antonio
Comments: Made MSgt on 2nd attempt due to your site...THANK YOU!!!

Name: Ryan S.
Location: CA
Comments: Thanks to Free PDG, I made MSgt first time out, with the highest score in my career field I might add

Name: (M)Sgt Munroe
Location: Pentagon
Comments: Good morning team, Thank you, thank you and thank you. With the help of your site I made MSgt this cycle. I know in my heart that your site gave me the understanding and knowledge to overcome... for that I am eternally grateful... again, thank you.

Name: Rose
Location: Korea
Comments: Just wanted you to know that this was the first time I ever used this website and I made MSgt when the promotion rate was 18.7%. This is an awsome study tool!!! Thank you!!!

Name: Mr Almost
Location: Ft Meade
Comments: Just missed SMSgt this year, but using your website my test score jumped 18pts, thank you!

Name: Chris
Location: FL
Comments: I purchased PDG Gold, but didn't really like it; so I tried out for the 2 months before WAPS testing (12E6) and I ended up scoring #2 of 78 on the PFE and making TSgt first time. I really appreciate the product you've made available! Keep up the great work and I look forward to using this website again in 2 years when I go up for MSgt. As long as this is available I'll keep encouraging all my coworkers to use it.

Just wanted to let you know that I made SMSgt this time around. My board score really propelled me into making it this time but I ended up with another solid score on the PDG by using your site. Actually, I exclusively used your site to study the past two years and scored a 71 on the PDG both years. I ended up scoring 20 points over the cutoff this year so I was pretty happy. Thanks again and I wish you well with your future. -M

Name: Brett Lochrie
Location: Alaska
Comments: Thank you for building and maintaining this website. This website is done in excellence and resource rich. I recommend it to all my friends and co-workers. Again thank you, the web site is great and extremely helpful. Sincerely,

Name: Seth Russell
Location: JBER
Comments: I made TSgt 2nd time only studying this website. I scored upper 70's on my PDG. If I hadn't done so well I might've missed it due to a particularly difficult SKT test this year. I promote it to all my Airman and co-workers now. I sincerely thank you!

Name: (T)Sgt B
Comments: Using your site, I scored an 86 on PFE and made Technical Sergeant by 20 Points. My Flight Chief used and made Master. Thanks again for the work you put into this site. I have recommended it to everyone I am not competing against!!!

Name: James
Location: Ft. Meade
Comments: I just wanted to say thanks. I made Master this year pretty much using only this website. I began my studies using the PDG but that lasted about a week because of the monotony. I found FreePDG through a Google search and started using it. It was my second time testing and I was the second highest scorer in my career field. I've been in 12 years. Thanks!

Name: Chris
Location: RAF Welford
Comments: Made tech today. I used your site to study. Really appreciate the free site. I scored an 80 and was the first one out of the test room, courtesy of your site and a pot of coffee. Again, thanks for the site. I will spread the word.

Name: Kenny
Location: OKC
Comments: Just wanted to say Thank You! I made MSgt this cycle 12E7 and your website help a lot in my preparation. I was just happy I made it and on my 2nd attempt and by 25 pts! Keep up the good work!

Name: King Kells
Location: RAM
Comments: Thanks for all the help!!! I tested for tech for the first time in my career and made it. I scored a 73 on my exam thanks to this helpful tool.

Name: Van
Location: Grand Forks AFB
Comments: I made TSgt this year using this site, thanks a lot.

Name: Victor
Location: Ellsworth AFB
Comments: I have only to say thank you, I tested for Tech for my seventh time. Using your program for the first helped know and apply the pdg. I made Tech!

Location: ALTUS AFB

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